A Beloved's Kiss

What is in a Beloved's kiss
A lovely smile, a gentle hug
Most of all a sweet desire
A heart you can feel
Forever real, a Beloved's kiss

What crosses your mind
When you are held
I think of a man's loving soul
Who is your own
Wherever you go, you will know
How wonderful and true
He means everything to you
A fire that burns
Within your heart
A beginning with no end
In which the two of you take part

What is in a Beloved's kiss
A gift so rare, beyond compare
To love like this, is a special day
To give your all, in every way
Yes, it can come true
If two love's find their way
To a special place in time
Where you are always mine.

Linda Ann Henry ©2008
The people's poet
Do you remember me

I love you...

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