I Have A Friend

I have a friend with a loving heart
She is not blind to me, but with her soul she sees
When my tears were falling with the rain
Into my life this angel came

I have a friend sent with a prayer
To get me through the life out there
She brings in the sun forever and a day
In my room she put a chime
To make sure I would be okay
I have a friend who taught me to breathe
Life is now not just a part of the life I lead
She opened my shutters
The light came through
Into my heart, now I can live
My path I always knew

I have a friend, an angel to me
She found who I am and who I will be
A gift from God, a treasure to see
She saw the beauty which is in me.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written with love to the woman
who found where I belonged
Babbs, of soaringangels group.

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