A world beyond this earthly home
there dwells another place.
A point beyond the moon and stars
and somewhere lost in space.
A place where heavenly angels sing
with flowing robes of white.
A place amongst the rainbows
and radiant beams of light.
A place where peace and love is found
before the throne of God.
A place where splendid streets are paved
and saintly prophets trod.
A place where darkness never comes
where everything is new.
A place that glows with holy light
and shines the whole day through.
A place that has no tears to dry...
There is no hurt or pain.
A place for us to praise our Lord
and never die again.
A place that boast of mansions high
mine eyes will soon behold.
A place where Jesus calls to me
and waits on streets of gold.

Copyright 2001 Marilyn Ferguson

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