Faith Conquers All

Faith conquers all,
Faith conquers all,
Remember the words of our Savior,
Who told us that faith conquers all.
If a child looks to you for guidance,
And you're there when he's fearful and calls.
Give him your hand - reassure him,
And show him that faith conquers all.

When faced with a new situation,
And cowed by the height of the wall.
Climb up and bravely reach over,
Be confident, for faith conquers all.
When others share with you their troubles,
And ask for your help, lest they fall.
Do not question if you can help them,
Just pray and know faith conquers all.

If you've failed in some self-endeavor,
And you feel discouraged and small.
Keep trying over and over,
You'll do it, for faith conquers all.
Forgive the person who hurt you,
As fast as you can - do not stall.
God will help you forgive him,
Remember that faith conquers all.

Don't claim to have all the answers,
Before you can walk, you must crawl.
Keep asking, and searching, and seeking,
Our Lord has said faith conquers all.
When you come to the end of your journey,
And you stand in the big banquet-hall.
You'll be greeted there by the Master,
He's proof that your faith conquered all.

Faith conquers all,
Faith conquers all.
Remember the words of our Savior,
Who told us that faith conquers all.

Ginny's world of Inspirations
© 2000 used with permission
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

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