All Children go to Jesus....

God sends down His angels, to lift babes in their arms
He holds near every sweetheart, where nothing ever harms,
The loss leaves sorrows heartache, that time can never heal
But God gives life forever, that none can ever steal.

Thank God for saved teachers that give their lives away
Lifted with the children, to care for them always.
All children go to Jesus, no more to be afraid
In Jesus' love secure, to love and laugh and play.

I see the children with Him, laughing in their glee
And then my heart relaxes, when I watch them at His knee.
I know that in His love they will never be alone
And then my heart turns over, for I know they are His own.

In a place of no more tears, suffering or hate..
And I can't wait to see them, when I walk heaven's gate.
And then I felt the wonder, what grief might give to me,
How could my Saviour love me so, to set my darling free.

To play within His garden, love's perfect sanctuary.
My eyes o'erflow with tears, but my heart is stilled with peace
God places them with Him, to draw me up above,
It is heaven I shall live for, to see my child of love.

God lends a child to us, to start their days of life,
He carries them to heaven, that with us they will unite.
They are called ahead, to be safe in heaven above,
They are skipping in the beauty, wanting us to come.

Derry's Heart Poems ęDec 2012
Poetry from the Heart


To ensure the safety of my family, is to tell them of God's love
So they will want to know Him, and be together up above.
Sin may take life's breath, but because the Saviour died,
If we love Him we arise, we live and ever fly.

The grave is but the change room for glory where we sing,
The bleakness of cold winter, but the prelude of new spring.
The darkness of cocoons, the release of wings of flight,
The planted bulb and seed, the bursting forth of life.

If we look with Jesus' eyes, we see beyond this world,
Where God has made a heaven that for us will soon unfurl.
Tell of Jesus as we walk and play, tell of Jesus in our hearts
Tell the children about Jesus, so they never from Him part.
~Blossoms ~

Mark 11:24 (KJV)
Therefore I say unto you,
What things soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe that
ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

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