I never walk alone
Two special people walk with me
I may not be able to see them
Yet in my life to come
They will always be with me
I remember the good times
Both laughter and tears
They will stay with me
As I walk through the years
I never walk alone
In a valley I have never known
Jesus is above me, taking my hand
He washes my tears as I continue
Walking in my unknown land
Life is hard at times
If you have troubles to see
Death may be forever, yet with Jesus
I will always be free
I will be strong in His loving arms
Heaven is life everlasting
Jesus' hand has touched me
I will never walk alone
For I have lived with love
From both parents who are now up above
Dear Jesus, I will smile, for You are very near
You have been with me, year after year
All I am or ever shall be, I thank my mother and father
I was their life, now I must show them,
I can make it on my own
Jesus is now my Father,
I will never walk alone.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

The good Lord gives and takes away.. Jesus walks with us until we go to His kingdom and live with Him in paradise....

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