Alone with Jesus..and so Alive......

Alone in the morning,
Alone here with You,
Alone in the dawn,
My spirit to renew,

Your presence I feel,
Your voice I hear,
Your words of wisdom
Ring crystal clear,

Your love embraces me,
Joy my heart to fill,
As I embrace You,
All that You will..

Yes, alone here,
With You I am alone,
Your light on my path
You have faithfully shone,

Your strength grows in trials,
Your peace in storms,
Your sweet sunshine
Continually warms,

Your wisdom guides,
Your direction I heed,
My soul with Your bread
You continually feed.

So I offer, my Jesus,
All I am to You,
All I will be,
All I am and do.

You are my happiness,
You are my smile,
You are my dance,
Every step, every mile,

Every moment
I live for Your will,
Praying Your Spirit
My heart to fill,

Every day Your song
Rings crystal clear,
Reminding me always
That You are near,

Every morning
My spirit You renew..
So alone, yes, alone
I love to be with You!

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Luke 5:16
"But Jesus often withdrew to
lonely places and prayed."

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