April Love ..........

I fell in love in April
When everything was fresh and new
To me it gave my heart a thrill
That first day I met you

Now April days are filled with rain
But love is in our heart
So all pretty flowers fill our lane
And spring is off to a good start

Not all our days are perfect
Some are sad or even blue
But all are filled with respect
And through it all I know I have you

Remembering the first time you gave me a rose
A fragrant scent, a peachy color
Answering yes, to you who first propose
From you a person filled with much valor

You impressed me from the start
With qualities of honor and integrity
You spoke well and were smart
Your honest friendship and dependability

© 2005Joyce Ann Geyer

Love one another deeply,
from the heart.
1 Peter 1:22

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