Always More....


Always more, Lord,
Yes, every moment more,
More love for You
From my heart does pour,

With every happy song
My soul does sing,
With every bright smile
Your grace does bring,

With every pure joy
Your love does inspire,
Through pleasant pathways,
Through trials of fire,

Through pain and tears,
Through rich delights too,
Oh, my sweet Lord,
All the more I love you!

So accept this song,
As for You it does beat,
As one expression of love
For my Savior sweet.

How I long to pour
My very life for You,
To shine of this love
Through all that I do.

For nothing delights me
More than Your will,
To be closer and closer
To Your heart still.

So all the more
Of You I sing,
Through happiness, through pain,
Through everything,

With every beat of my heart,
With every breath I take,
With every smile I share,
With every friend I make,

All the more I sing,
All the more I adore,
Yes, I love You, Lord Jesus,
Always more!

©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Philippians 1:9
"And this is my prayer: that your
love may abound more and more in
knowledge and depth of insight."

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