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Spring Ambrosia

Spring is in the air
Feel the softness everywhere
In the warmth of every morning
Such wonder it will share.
Spring is in the air
Let it tickle every drop,
Trembling on the cobwebs
Shining on the rocks.

Spring is in the air
Stand and watch the breeze,
Swaying in the treetops
Every leaf to tease.
Spring is in the air
Fluffy clouds race by,
Showers softly falling
Little angels cry.

Spring is in the air
Fragrances divine,
Pungently delighting
Every sense of mine.
Spring is in the air
Open wide my heart,
Take me out into the light
To walk upon its path.

Spring is in the air
Awaken me to joy anew,
From the dark of winter
Father lift my eyes to You.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2004
Poetry from the Heart

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