We come before you this morning Father
With all our imperfections within
Asking for your forgiveness today
Letting the newness of the day begin

Please erase all thoughts of envy and hate
That might enter into our hearts today
Let us feel your kind loving presence
Knowing your love is with us to stay
Father you have brought us this far
Caring for each as your own child
You have helped us view the facts
Keeping our life peaceful and mild

There are many things that disturb us
Many things are not as we wish and desire
But Lord we try to live each and every day
In faith, keeping our head above the mire
Each day is a new day, to start afresh
Giving You thanks for the blessings received
Guide us,and lead us onto the right path
That we shall not be deceived. AMEN

Norma Duncan © 2007
God's Rock Of Glory

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