God's angels are real.....

God's angels are real and walk by our side
He sent these angels to be our guide
Angels to hold our hand helping us cope
God's angels never let us give up hope.

We never see Gods angels but feel they are near
Their mighty wings enfold us calming all fear
God's angels keep watch over me and you
Their love and devotion ever so true.

We are thankful for our angels from above
They are precious gifts from God with love
His angels stand guard outside our door
And we give thanks to God forevermore.

Blessed are we, although unworthy
To have Gods angels so true
Greater love no man can offer
Dear God, no one cares for us like You.

Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

Acts 27:23 [KJV]
"For there stood by me this night
the angel of God, whose I am,
and whom I serve"

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