Beary Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate
The sweet anniversary of our love,
This our dearest delight
To be the best of buds.

You cuddle up to me
And I snuggle close to you,
And then we can face the world together
In everthing we do.

One of us the big strong huggy bear
Attached to the softest teddy gal,
I'm glad we got to patch it up,
So I could be your pal.

We used to be upon the shelf
Peering sadly at the world alone,
How glad I am God decided
I could have you as my very own.

One soul, instead of two adrift
Combined as light in harmony,
As we rejoice together in faith
To make our symphony.

For hope is only in our looking up
To walk hand in hand ahead,
United in prayer for all time
As we trust in all God said.

Now we're tied so close as one
With our special memories,
Stitched with the purest thread to find,
I don't want it ever left unsaid.
I love you forever my dearest,
You have this heart of mine.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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