Unconditional Love (Happy Anniversary)

We said our wedding vows.
In the presence of God,
we made a sacred covenant.
Come what may, we would
stay together all our days.

The raging storms of life,
will never seize to blow
for the enemy of our souls,
like a lion, seeks to devour.
Yet, our love stands strong.
With Jesus in our midst, we overcome.

Our love was built upon Jesus, the Rock,
a firm foundation that shall not fall.
Christ is in the center of our marriage.
He keeps us tightly woven one to another.
When my heart is torn, gently He reminds me
of my commitment and leads my heart to you.

In the best of times, I choose love.
In the worse of times, I choose love.
Though I am moved by such love for you,
love is not a feeling, but a decision.
I commit to love you with my whole being.
Just as Jesus loves me, I will cherish you.

Through the years, our union has strengthened.
I know deep in my heart that our love is secure.
What a treasure, even in the midst of disputes,
being aware that our love will not ever end.
Many times I've been so angry with you, yet I'd
look you in the eyes saying, "I sure do love you."

This is what I want you to know on this day,
that no matter what, I will love you ceaselessly.
God has extended the gift of unconditional love.
I promise I will love and cherish you eternally
and pray God gives us many more years together.

Happy Anniversary, Baby!


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