For my Wife on our Anniversary

On the day that we first met,
who would ever know,
that God, in His divine plan,
planted a seed of love to grow.

We've weathered many storms,
and we've shared many trials;
Each one bringing us closer,
as we walk, hand in hand,
along the miles.
We don't know what the future holds,
or when the next storm shall put our love to the test;
But, as long as we remain together,
and with God's help,
all things shall turn out for the best.

The love I have in my heart for you today,
is different than that upon our wedding day;
And I am praying, it will ever grow stronger,
in His plans,
and by His way.

With all My Love on
Our Wedding Anniversary
and Always

Sandra Lewis Pringle © 2007
Sandra's Gifts Unique

happyanniv anniversary and you may click here to share this greeting with your friends and family
happyanniv anniversary  and please share this greeting with your friends and family

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