~A Place For Us~

I look at the blinking stars
The ocean as far as the eye can see
I see the shining moonbeams
And I know there's a place for us to be

We live in a world so big and wide
Yet I know The Lord is with us
As butterflies flutter by
A place of flowers and golden sunbeams
So beautiful and new
A place for us to plan together
As only God meant for us to do

Soaring over the great lands
Where our souls can be as one
Here and ever after
Is the only way it can be done

In everything we see and feel
Hold me in your arms, if you will
Sometimes only once,
such great love comes along
In time our spirits will meet
In a far away forgotten land
A place for you and me

I look at the moon each night
If only I could touch it's face
We will find a place for us
In God's own time and place


Linda Ann Henry © 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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