A Poet..........

Sharing makes heart buoy
And writing he enjoys
At a costly price
He makes sacrifice.
In the sweet solitude
Tunes to divine presence
There heart and mind set aglow
Gracious words begin to flow.

Listening deep within
From a haven soothingly serene
He captures serendipities
In the precious solitary.
Finding the oneness in nature
The music of God's creatures
He hears nature's voice
And pens them in rhymes of choice.

Drawing from grace above
He dances this dance of love
With such wondrous gift
That souls and spirits lifts.
Dancing with words graciously
Arranged in beautiful harmony
Showing God's light to men
Delightfully with ink and pen.

Rising to the occasion
With such holy vocation
Embraced with alacrity
Expressed in clarity.
Love is his privilege
Love is his message
Love is in his heart
And love is his art.

Benjamin Anabaraonye © November 2010

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