Jesus, how You anguished on that lonely cross
I will never comprehend,
But, then in rising from the grave,
In glory, You appear again.

By just One Life You conquered all
With all You had to give,
What will that mean for me
Upon each day, how then shall I live.

Can I imagine, or enter into the purpose of the pain
To understand why You died,
Will that help me come to know
What it means to be Your precious bride.

While You hung there, bearing all my grief
Stained unclean, shattered with my sin,
What love, what far reaching sight to see
Me, so pure within.

That, when You arose, to lift my heart on high
In Your loving arms, even then,
With all the power of heaven's love
You were breaking every chain of death.

So now I am flying gloriously free
Bound no longer by aging of this earth,
New life is mine, I am released
I now know..
Your resurrection is my birth.

Soft Whispers to you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005
used with permission

It wasn't nails that held Jesus to the cross...
It was His love.

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The beautiful painting is used with permission
and is the work of Greg Olsen.
Greg Olsen

One drop of Blood
courtesy of 
Ray Boltz