God's Beauty All Around

Today I opened my eyes, oh my how God's beauty began to unfold
I saw the swaying of the leaves from the beautiful green trees
with the gentle breeze blowing so softly behold
I looked up at the blue sky, I saw the most beautiful blue and white clouds,
I had ever seen... The shapes were big and some ever so small
The chirping of the birds, each one had there own sound
Mother birds feeding her babies so they could grow strong
Some were yellow, some were red and some were blue.
Their were others with shades of brown,
oh how God's beauty was all around.
Butterflies fluttering their wings in the wind,
looking for nectar of the flowers to feed them.
Hummingbirds darting here and there searching for a nest
to call home so she can have her young.
As I looked across the skies,
I could see something in a distance waving in the wind.
Colors of red, white and blue... oh her beauty was beautiful and grand.
As I began to get a chill down my spine, I realized yes, its old glory in
all her beauty stands I began to wonder how could any one say there is no
God with all this beauty around.

Connie Stull © 2005

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