As I Am written by Derry ~aka~Heartwhispers with love.................
As I Am.................

As I am, so shall ye be
The Life I am
Within this world, just as I walked
Every day I know you can

As I am, peace, so shall ye be
The peace, I am
As I fill your soul with My spirit
Peace, ye shall understand

As I am, joy, so shall ye be
The joy, I am
As I unfold My heart in you
My joy in you, will expand

As I am love, so shall ye be
The love, I am
As you ask, so shall ye receive
Love, to go forth from your hand

As I am, faith, so shall ye be
Believing all I am
You shall trust the way I lead,
And rest within My plan

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

I could not see one step ahead
"I might as well be blind" I said
But, faith said "Walk along with me
I'll lead you, so you don't have to see"
I took faith's hand, it was no fraud
for Faith is but the hand of God

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