~ As My Treasure ~

The grief I have is not,
mine, for grief I did not choose,
For life thrust it upon me
So I think it's here to use.

The grief belongs to Jesus
He placed it in my hand,
My child use it for good
There's much to understand.

Please trust Me, it's a gift,
I gave with all my love,
You didn't seek it, want it
For it will not be fun.

But, I will show you secrets
Not gained another way,
You'll find me in the darkness
By needing me all day.

You won't breathe any breath
Except by what I give,
You won't move hand nor limb
But by the strength I live.

There won't be parties, pleasure
The world speaks gaily of,
There won't be fame nor wealth
Your name won't gain aplomb.

But, you will know The Father
And He will dwell within,
The Holy Spirit of the heavens
Content to you will bring.

You'll learn to sing in sorrow
Your dreams will all come true,
Beloved as my treasure
Forever-lives in you.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İFeb 2012
Poetry from the Heart

Where reasons are given,
we don't need faith.
Where only darkness
surrounds us, we
have no means for
seeing except by faith.
' Elisabeth Elliot '

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