The Winning Of A Soul
(The Lord and Satan)

Can you guess who I am?
Why don't you speak my name?
I can give you anything
Your hearts desire and some fame.
Don't worry and fret over silly things
Your soul is all I need
That's really not too much to ask
Don't believe everything that you read.
I am an angel and I have wings
I know the Lord personally
He created me, this you should know
Forget all you've heard and believe in me.

My child turn from this abomination
Don't listen to his lies
I cast him into a lake of fire
Follow him and that's where you'll reside.
The only thing he can promise you
If your soul you give away
Eternal damnation and suffering
You'll never see the light of day.
All he knows is hatred and grief
He's evil, he knows nothing of love
Don't be taken in by him
I want you with me in Heaven above.

But I can give you fortune and fame
I am at your command
Just give me your soul and all is yours
We'll travel to distant lands.
I'm really not evil, don't listen to Him
Give me your soul and you will see
Just tell me what you really want
Turn your back on Him and follow me.

My child, I created you and gave you a soul
I gave you a mind and a heart too
My son died for humanity's sins
Don't let Satan deceive you.
Satan rules the underworld
I don't want you to go there
Come to me my child and know of peace
I love you and I care.
I will fight for you my dear one
All my children, I do love
I don't want Satan to claim a soul
Live forever with me above.

© 2006 Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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