Reflecting At CHRISTmas

The house is quiet once again
It's time for me to reflect
Of all the days events and happenings
And what we did expect.

The presents have all been unwrapped
We all had so much fun
But this isn't what Christmas is about
It's about the birth of our Lord's son.
He was born in a manger filled with straw
So many years ago
Three wise men traveled very far
By a star that shined and glowed.

They gazed upon this child so fair
To him they bestowed frankincense and myrrh
And quietly knelt beside his bed
While none of the animals did stir.
An aura surrounded this baby so fair
All knew someday he would be King
He'd teach all the people love and kindness
And peace to the world, He would bring.

His destiny was mapped out by His Father above
He tried so hard to bring peace to the land
But the people wouldn't listen and turned on him
And on the cross, He died by their hand.
Still unbelieving, He was the Son of our Lord
Until his spirit was raised from his grave
They all dropped down to their knees and cried
That's when they pleaded and begged.

He died on the cross for man's mortal sins
Sins of the past, present, and yet to be
This babe who was born in a manger
When a man, He died for you and me.

© 2005 Chee Chee Martin

Wishing you a wonderful season filled
with heavenly peace and the warmth
of His presence in your heart and home
as you celebrate this holiday season.

May God bless your CHRISTmas and New Year!

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Reflecting At CHRISTmas written with love by Chee Chee Martin and brought to you from with love.........

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