A Touch Of Heaven Come

Here I sat so lonesome like
Snuggled all amongst a tree
When a li'l birdie sang to me
But, her I couldn't see

There am I, a searching high
In search of pretty song
In quandary where the sound,
I hear so loud and strong

I cry, come show, oh pretty one
Peering all about
You're there somewhere I know-
Why won't you flit on out

But, soon her pretty sound
Sets me all in sleepy daze
Propped there I...was it forever
With such a peaceful gaze

And, then she stops, bolt up I sit
Disappointment gripping me
Oh, where the lovely one
That I can never see

Then all a moment, there I spy
Her feather, bright of wing
Oh, oh, I gasp, do not me leave
Don't ever cease your sing

My heart, my soul, you're all a gift
A touch of heaven come
To very sweetly sing to me
The joy of Jesus' love

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

"Listen now, believe and pray
wait not another day...
to hearken what our God would say"
~ Blossoms~

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