Once we come to Our God,
with all we really are
then we will truly come
to know Him as the loving Father,
always of our heart...

For He will reveal to us,
through the experiences of life
how we can look
with new eternal eyes of light.

We will 'see' the unseen,
and know Him with a surety,
and believe that where He is,
is the true reality.

We will find this world is temporary,
That His eternity is the permanent,
that we are already seated
in heavenly places-
where we now and always,
shall be loved, contentedly.

We will know that HE exists right now, right here,
that we live with Him,
within, without, around, above, perceived,
for He is, all we need, at all times,
more than anyone on earth
can ever be..

When we discover this is true,
we are at peace-
and know we are safe, kept secure,
loved and cared for..


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠJune 2010
Poetry from the heart

Might there be,
in the unadmitted sparkle of the child within you,
a sometime longing to climb into God's fatherly lap,
...to nestle against God's breast,
to rest for a moment in the shadow of God's wings
or be held in God's strong and tender arms?
If you could allow yourself to feel it,
are there not times when you would love to cry on God's shoulder,
to let God tell you you are worthwhile and beautiful?
And is there not something in you that would be delighted
if you could bring a smile to God's face?
~Gerald May~

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