As we walked hand in hand
To see the beauty God had planned
Pretty red, golden leaves fell to the ground
The scent was so profound

As we strolled we heard the rustle of leaves
All of nature is blessed and so receives
A color palette with wondrous hues
And gave me my autumn muse

God blessed us with four gorgeous seasons
All bring us many different emotions
Gives reason to warm by the open fire
A time of year that does inspire

A new beginning a new start
Taking in God's beautiful art
Also a great holiday upcoming
Thanksgiving a family day forthcoming

We so enjoy seeing our family stop by
Visiting is good for our heart and gives a sigh
Enjoy each day and watch the changes
As colors make exchanges

Joyce Ann Geyer ©2007
Poetry by Joyce

Light shines on the godly, and joy on those
who do right. May all who are godly be
happy in the Lord and praise His Holy Name.
Psalm 97:11-12

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