A Sense Of Awe  written by Chee Chee Martin with love...........
A Sense Of Awe.............

Can you feel it in the air tonight?
It's thick with tension and fear
What is going to happen?
What is coming near?
You hair is standing on the back of your neck
Short breaths you start to take
Feeling a little anxious
Your hands begin to shake.
Something awesome is about to happen
What could it possibly be?
You feel it deep within your bones
You ask the Lord to hear your plea.
"What is this I am feeling?
What is about to take place?
Put my heart and mind at ease
What is this I'm about to face?"
And then He appears in the sky
For all the world to see
Coming down on a cloud
To collect the souls and set them free.
The day of reckoning is here at last
My anxiety has reached a peak
Am I worthy to enter Heaven?
Am I what our Lord Jesus seeks?
I hold His vision in my eyes
I kneel and begin to pray
"Take me Jesus to be by your side
Hear the words that I say."
He looks at me with so much love
"My child come go with me
Join me in my Father's kingdom
Stand now, get off your knees."
He hugs me and takes me by the hand
Absolved me of all my sins
Led me to others stood
And to Heaven we did ascend.
The uneasiness I felt tonight
My senses, this anxiety did invade
Was announcing our Lord's arrival
I should not have been afraid.

© 2006Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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