He's Coming Back...............

He's Coming Back

Jesus walked this earth
Many years ago.
He was sent from God above
To make His presence felt below.

He worked His many miracles
To prove He was the One.
For many had their doubts
That He really was God's Son.

Jesus walked on water
He tamed the raging sea.
He healed the lame and blind
And cured those with leprosy.

They crucified Him on the cross
Where He cried out in agony.
The pain He must have suffered
All for you and me.

But death could not conquer Him
He rolled away the stone.
He won the final victory
And now He is on His throne.

He said that He was coming back
And we would not know the day.
We had better be prepared
For some will go and some will stay.

The skies will open up
He will come down from His throne.
Just like He said, He's coming back
To take His children home.

So if you want to go along
On that final journey home
You had better get to know Him
Or you will be left alone.

© 2004 Roy Harris

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