*~* Happy Birthday Dear Mother *~*

Thank you To My Precious Mother

Today dear Mother, on your birthday
I cannot help but think of you
Another moment cannot pass
Until I tell you true

You are so special in my heart
My love for you runs deep
I want to say how much you mean
Your heart I ever keep

Thank you, for the who you are
The life in you that shines
In God's delight, He gave me you
A Mother so divine

Happy Birthday Dear Mother


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © August 2009
Poetry From The Heart

Mother....always made
you feel she had been waiting
to see just you all day....and then
her day was complete.
~Marcy DeMaree~

You are something special,
the apple of my eye.
A very special someone,
and here's the reason why....
You're as sweet as cotton candy,
and twice as nice inside.
You're as perfect as they come
but my, I can't decide....
If I should hug or kiss you,
or maybe I'll do both.
'Cause you are something special
just thought that you should know !

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