Bear Hugs For You...Bear Hugs For You...........
Bear Hugs For You......

Across the miles we email each day
At bedtime, I think of you when I pray
We may have never hugged really tight
If you were here I'd hug you with all my might

To me you are the sweetest friend
I'm here, and you can always depend
Holidays, Birthdays, and special days
I look forward to your email in many ways
For all my friends who live nearby
Our love for one another we can't deny
Friendships are strong, filled with love
With all God's blessings from above

I am thankful that we met
You, I will never forget
Our friendship endures
Sometimes we share our tears

For all good times and bad
I am so very glad
That you are here
And ever so near.

God Bless All My Friends!

© 2005 Joyce Ann Geyer
Poetry by Joyce

A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:17

a beary Special Friend
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Bear Hugs For You......................

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