Be at Peace..........

Be at peace, My child,
Yes, be at peace,
Into My hands, little one,
All things release:

The worries, the troubles,
The trials, the pain,
The challenges, the woe,
The teardrops, the rain,

Your failures, your stumbles,
Your weakness, your sin,
Release all to Me
That new life may begin.

Yes, be at peace, My child,
My peace I give
That with sweet peace
You may always live.

No matter the trial
Or the weather outside,
Sweet peace you know
When in Me you abide.

So cast your burden,
Cast your cares on Me,
Let your eyes be fixed
On the path of eternity.

Your trials pale
Next to glory you will know,
Yes, such is your reward,
As My path you follow.

Let Me pour My spirit,
Cleansing your heart within,
Let Me give My peace
That new life may begin.

I wash away your troubles,
I kiss away your pain,
I erase your woe,
I dry all the rain.

Yes, into My hands
All things release...
So be at peace, My child,
Be at peace!

Caroline Gavin İMarch 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 29:11
"The LORD gives strength to his people;
the LORD blesses his people with peace."

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