Be At Peace.....

Be At Peace

Be at peace,
Let My peace flow to you,
Be at peace,
I will show you what to do.

Observe how the birds
Feed and grow,
They worry not at all
Where to go.

Look how the flowers
Blossom all around
Without a struggle,
Without a sound.

If I take care of these,
For you will I not care?
Surely I provide,
Surely I am here.

So be at peace,
Embrace all I give,
With joy and with awe
Each moment do live.

Remember always
That I am to you nigh,
To smooth your path,
To make you soar high.

For I am your God,
Yet also your Friend,
My love for you, child,
Has no end.

My blessings to you
Forever abound,
Just open your eyes:
Look all around.

My love for you
I always show,
I pave your paths
Wherever you go.

So be at peace,
In all that you do..
As surely Your Jesus
Forever loves you!

Caroline Gavin İMarch 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 29:11
"The LORD gives strength to his people;
the LORD blesses his people with peace."


May Jesus' glorious graces abound to you!

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