I see the beauty of a flower
The smell is sweet with honey, my heart to tease
I see the beauty of the birds flying in the wind
When they sit on a tree, they sing of memories
I see the beauty of a little butterfly at play
When it opens up it's wings,
I watch it until the close of the day
I see a rainbow behind a cloud of white
The color of my eyes will sparkle bright tonight
I see the ocean wash upon the sand
I feel the beauty inside my heart and in my hand.
If I cannot hear sound
If I have no words to speak
If I cannot find beauty anywhere
Wherever I seek,
Then take my soul away
I will not need it anymore
God grant me one wish
Let me see beauty in the world once more.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

See the beauty which God created and you will see the beauty within your soul. ........

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