Beauty is in the air...

Beauty Is In The Air

Beauty is in the air,
the journey is ready to share
God's coloring the season
with beauty, so very pleasing.

He paints the earth another season
with brush strokes so soft.
The earth is covered
with his gloss.

You can see God
through all the seasons
knowing He's out there
Alive and much aware.

Our Heavenly Father,
He's the creator himself
He changes the curtain
You can be very certain

The beauty of nature as it relates
to life...
will always be with us
It's just taking time
to touch
feel, hear, smell and see...
all that God has for us.

He'll be there each season,
to paint an awesome canvas,
filled with the love of Jesus.
God himself ... the real reason
'For each Season'

©Janet Ford

Psalm 96:9 (KJV)
O worship the Lord
in the beauty of holiness:
fear before him, all the earth.

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