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At His last Seder Meal, Jesus asked His Disciples to do
"In Remembrance of Me" this celebration whole life through
To Judas, He asked to go and do what you have to do
For time has now come for Me to do what I came to do.
In Gethsemane Jesus prayed, Father let Thy Will be done
Then betrayed the Judas kiss, Jesus mission had now begun
Arrested and tied Jesus was led like a lamb to the slaughter
Taunted with insults and degrading tomfoolery and laughter
Jesus, you are certainly a Blasphemer, Sanhedrin cried out
In the fury of their anger, rage and demeaning shouts
God never had a wife, than how can He now have a Son
Jesus, son of Joseph, how dare you claim to be God Son
Go take this scoundrel Jesus to be tortured and be whipped
With the spiked lashes so hard till' His bare skin is ripped
Show no pity and mercy for His great suffering and pain
Do teach Him a lesson for life, not to be God's Son again
In silence humiliation, Jesus bore the scourging at its height
Endured this inhuman torture through out the whole night
Come in the morning, He was dragged to the Pilate's court
To be legally sentenced for blasphemy and what He taught
Washing his hands of His blood, Pilate gave this command
Go and crucify Jesus, so as to appease the public demand
Thrice falling on the way, Jesus carried His cross to Calvary
He was stripped and nailed to the cross to shame His glory
His crucifixion revealed to the world, "Son of God" in glory
Who as a Saviour, Redeemer and Reconciler set humans free
Jesus crucifixion and His Resurrection is a true fact of history
Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit is One God in glory
Do we truly believe in Jesus with our heart, soul and mind
HE is "the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE" for all mankind
With true submission, let's Renew and Refurbish our faith in HIM
For the joy of Salvation and Redemption given to us by HIM.

© 2005 Wilbert Isaacs

It wasn't nails that held Jesus to the cross...
It was His love.

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