Better than Life.....

Better than life
Is Your steadfast love;
My lips praise You,
One reigning above.

Your love fills me,
It embraces my soul,
It uplifts and inspires,
It makes me whole.

How can this be,
Lord, that You love me?
You keep me as Yours
For all eternity.

Sweeter than honey,
Brighter than the sun,
Is love You lavish,
O Eternal One.

I bask in Your brilliance,
I sing Your praise;
I embrace Your warm love
Today and always.

Your sweet steadfast love
Is better than life;
You beautify even
The pain and the strife.

To You, my Savior
My all I now give;
Priceless joy I find
When for You I live.

O, reign in me, Jesus,
Just as You reign above;
Far better than life
Is Your steadfast love.

Caroline Gavin ŠSept 2012
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 63:3
Because your steadfast love
is better than life,
my lips will praise you.

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