9-11 And Beyond

It seems like only yesterday
that loved ones went away.
Their lives taken suddenly
on that fateful, tragic day.

It was the day the terrorists
decided to play God;
And dove those planes into buildings
and into Pennsylvania sod.

Oh, why do people always
have to be so very cruel?
They really thought they could make
America break the rules.

They thought by devastation,
they could make her from God turn;
But all it really did was make her
Trust Him, love Him... yearn.

They thought they'd break America,
her spirit would destroy;
But she gathered up her strongest
and her loyal ones deployed.

She fought the bitter fight
and she never lost her will;
And today she gathers strength
and growing stronger still.

Her people pulled together,
helped each other to survive.
They may have lost their loved ones,
but their memory is alive.

We never will forget...
Yes, 9-11 brought much pain;
But with love, loyalty and determination,
America rose again!

Now may God be with her
and keep her loved ones safe.
May the people continue on
in this great land of the brave.

© 2003Jene' Lind

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