Softer than the candles light
Deeper than the darkest night
Somehow I know, you'll met here alone

I lay here on this big brass bed
With dreams of you inside my head
And wonder when I'll hold you again
The doorbell rings I jumped to my feet
I strain to see just who it can be
And it's you love, it's you my love

Eyes all aglow we spin loves dreams
Creating memories not to be forgotten
I look at you... your eyes on me
And no one sees our nudity
But you love

We'll ride the wings of love
For just a while
I'm lost inside your love
And your last smile
That smile, your smile
My love
We wake up here in the morning light
You're beautiful as you were last night
And I love you, you're my love

So take this love of mine it's yours
To be with you forever more
Oh I love you, you're my love
Oh I love you, you're my love
Oh, Oh, you're my love

Music was written and sung by Gary Matthews
Registered ©BMI 1999 all rights reserved
Directly licensed for internet public performance
and published by
Available on
Cd Baby


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