Blessed By The Best...

Blessed By The Best...

Have you ever had problems that were heavy on your chest?
Been down and out that you could hardly rest?
Come and listen, hereís something to digest
Get on your knees and pray, thatís what I suggest.
Oh, let me tell you, it works, just put it to the test.
You see, Iíve tried it and Iím BLESSED BY THE BEST.

Do you feel like your burdens are just too heavy to bear?
So you just throw your hands up and say, Lord, I declare.
Then a voice whispers to you, Please donít despair,
Reach your hands out and call on ME in prayer.

Yes, Iíve had problems that needed to be addressed,
So, I got down on my knees and to HIM I confessed.
Now my burdens are lifted and Iím here to profess
That GOD is good, and Iím BLESSED BY THE BEST!

Donna Johnson ©2009

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