Count Your Blessings

When you are in trouble, do you find
that you feel you are all alone
When your heart grows heavy with burdens
and you feel you can't go on

When you think you are the only one
that has this pain
Count your blessings and look around you
and don't you dare complain

I complained about having no new shoes
to put on my feet
I grumbled that my wages were just not enough
until I looked around and saw a blind man holding a cup

Reach out to the man who needs some help along the way
Think little more of others
and not so much of yourself
If you have two coats and a man has none
God will surely bless you
for giving him one

So count your blessings one by one
and Thank God for most precious gift of all
His Precious Son
He's there to comfort us in trouble and sorrow
if we stop and Thank Him for all He has done.

© 2005 Gayle Alatia
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