Somewhere beyond the blue, God made a place for me and you
There we will find peace and rest from life's trials and burdens
His way was made so perfect through Jesus, we know that's certain.
Just look way out there beyond the blue
There your heart will be filled with joy beyond belief
No more pain or suffering, only sweet relief.

Your heart has been aching and a void finds its presence there
You have tried and tried to fill this need, but none has been supplied
You have an emptiness that nothing has satisfied
You know there is a way, You know in your heart that it is true
That is why Christ our Savior died for me and You
He's waiting there now just beyond the blue.

Are you ready to meet him, are your sins washed white as snow
You know it can be today my friend, to the Savior you must go
You must truly seek his face, ask Jesus to come in, save you and
Cleanse you by His blood and wash away your sin
God has told us this o'er and o'er, that is the only way you can go
You must accept His Son, Jesus, and then you can enter in
To find peace and beauty beyond compare
Jesus will meet you, just look, He is standing, just over there.

The river is wide but the crossing is made so easy
Just take Him at his word, He will not let you down you know
See his hand extended, He has called you many times before
This is the day to take him at His word, do not turn a deaf ear
Just let Jesus in, He may not call your name again
Now is the acceptable time, open your heart and let Him enter in.

Then one day beyond the heaven so blue
We'll rejoice together, just me and you
We'll sing, we'll shout, we'll Praise his Holy Name
I can tell you this my friend, You will never feel the same
So let us make a pact, we'll meet up there one day
Beyond the blue, we'll embrace
When we meet our Jesus face to face.

Inspirational poetry from
Gayle's Garden
© 2005 used with permission
Gayle Alatia

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