If I was never born,
I would never be able to see Jesus face,
If I was never born, I would never be in God's grace
If I was never born,
There would never be beautiful poems to write
If I was never born,
The people I try to help, would be out of my sight.

I forgive those who give me pain and hurt
They try to crush my spirit, but it does not work,
Some are cruel, some do not care
They try to bring me to the bottom of despair.
But, The Lord, My God, is on my side
I stay strong, He makes me wise
If I was never born,
The earth could not be beautiful at dawn
The butterfly, I love so much, may not be there at all.

I would not smell the flowers, or fly into the air
I could never be an angel, because I was never there,
The loved ones I touched and those that feel unloved
Would never have known me
And with my heart and soul,
Never have been touched.
If I was never born,
No laughter would I know
I could not see the raindrops fall, or watch nature grow,
I would never have met my mother,
Who would die without a friend
If I was not here
She would have been unhappy to the end.

I would never know my sister,
She would have had no one to confide in
And I could have no joy, bubbling from within,
If I was never born,
Without life, there is no eternity
I would never have been, God knew,
So He gave me my beginning.
If I was never born,
I would never know the meaning of love
I would not know how to pray to The Lord above,
Thank you Dear Jesus, for keeping me in your heart
You never forgot me,
There is a light from You, around my head
"My Dear Child" my blood for you I shed.

Linda Ann Henry © 2004
Do you remember me
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ONE SMILE can warm a heart... ONE PRAYER can reach God... ONE SERMON can change a life... ONE WORSHIP SONG can bring glory to God..... ONE TITHE can open the doors of heaven..... ONE FAST can break bondage.... ONE GIFT can bless a friendship.... ONE EXAMPLE can inspire a life....ONE coin as an ALMS can release hope... "One with God is a majority"..... ~Billy Graham~ .........

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