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Heaven Bound

Blessed Savior up above,
this poem is from one you love.
Help me grow in your son's grace,
So I may see your Blessed face.

Keep me safe night and day,
Until I'm on my heavenly way.
Help me grow day by day,
As I'm bound the heavenly way.

In your word I must learn to stay,
To grow in your son's grace day by day.
All my love I give to you,
So keep me Lord, till I'm with you.

©1998 Betty D. Boykin

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Gospel Music


Heaven Bound
Recording Artists-2001 The Heaven Bound Quartet
This Recording is being used at- WWW.alighthouse.com
with written permission from Mr. Ken Eubanks.

Michael Hayes, Dewayne Coppedge, Ken Eubanks, Brent Roy and Kevin Pulley.

Other recordings from The Heaven Bound Quartet are being added on my website.
Please visit my site frequently to hear these other beautiful sounding recordings.

We at WWW.alighthouse.com trust that this recording will be an encouragement when
you need His touch and will Bless You, as you spend time on our Christian WebSite.

The top picture is the work of Danny Hahlbohm.
Danny Hahlbohm

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