breathe of heaven
The city beyond the gates.....

breathe of heaven

Breath of Heaven, Blessed Father
Show me the way,
I will sing your praises,
day after day.

Breath of Heaven, love of the Father,
I hear angels singing, deep in my heart
so holy, please hold my hand
I know You will never depart

Breath of Heaven, here in the arms of Jesus
I see Your gentle eyes
Pray I can live in peace,
In You I hide

Breathe of Heaven, keep me close,
To The Most Holy, let me rejoice
My Jesus, how you love a little person like me
In one moment, you made me free

Breath of Heaven, I feel the Father and the Son
You never leave my heart
I am blessed in Your loving care
When I go to Heaven,
On the stairway, I will see You there


Linda Ann Henry ©2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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