The Bridge

I recently had a strange and wonderful dream.
I dreamt that I was driving down an old black
top road one warm summer evening. It was a
fine night and with a sky full of stars to
light my way, I was contemplating to myself
how majestic Godís universe really was.
With the windows rolled down and a gentle
breeze to cool the evening hours, I came
to a rather large hill on the blacktop road.
As I proceeded down the hill, my headlights
revealed that I was quickly approaching an
old iron bridge with another hillside just
beyond it. As I neared the bridge, the
whole countryside suddenly came aglow
with the most beautiful radiant light.
I stopped my car in front of the bridge
and got out to take a look. The descending
light had transformed the entire hillside
into a threshold of unparalleled beauty.
God was there in all His glory and I could
feel His loving spirit encompass my soul.
I stood in the presence of our Father and
although I could not see His face, I could
feel His spirit penetrate my very being.
He spoke to me through the stillness of
the night and I felt the compelling force
of His Spirit beckon unto me to cross over
to the other side. I was so overcome by
such a profound sense of joy and peace
that I had no desire to walk back to my
car and return home.
I do not know why I dreamt this
particular dream or what significance
it may of had but I do know one thing,
God was on the other side of that bridge
and I was ready to cross over. I now
have a new perspective on life and the
fear of death has lost its grip on me.

© 1999 Marilyn Ferguson

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