Jesus Is Love.....

Oh Holy Jesus, You are bright like the sun
You came to earth
for all of us
So Thy will could be done

Oh Holy Jesus, You are bright like the sun
As You carried Your cross
To take our sins
Eternal life for us begins

By Your love and sacrifice
You gave life's gift to all mankind
In You we see Your body, blood
Shed for those who see God's Art
in Your light we'll ever be
Close to You, in need of Thee

Oh Holy Jesus, Father, friend
You who made us all came, You care,
For all who sin, everywhere
Even those who've never heard Your name
For up in Your Kingdom in the sky
You bless all, who, by Your grace
In spirit, see You in the sun and sea
And where You are on high

Oh, Holy Jesus, You are bright like the sun
Come to us, Thy will be done
With words of love we praise Your name
You heal all those, so true to You

Bless Thy Holy name, brighter than the sun
May peace be ours within Your light
We return to You our love
Our beacon in the mystery of life

Love, freedom, You are The way, The truth
A golden halo, yes 'tis Thee
Holy Jesus, We thank You for Your gift
We live in You and now can see

Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The People's poet

Psalm 63:3 (KJV)
Because thy lovingkindness
is better than life,
my lips shall praise thee.

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