For my Brother

The day that i first met you
I was so happy
your were so funny, sweet and kind
I'm just so lucky

When I see the clouds ahead
just floating in the sky
the softness that's in your heart
bring back memories that fly by.

You're as gentle as a pillow
filled with glory and love
Now your all I think about
and dancing in the moonlight

When I see a May rain shower
I think of you in my heart
then all i see is a rainbow
and you as a gentle rain drop

Now i can look ahead to you
the best thing that's in my life
You bring back all of the good memories
as i see you walk by

Now i can feel safe
day and night, morning and sunset
I can feel glory in my heart
the magic you bring too
makes me feel so happy

Love, Sis

Ellen Nichols ©2007

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