Broken Dreams

There is a trail of broken dreams
Where the downtrodden and saddened go
Hoping for love and a hug
They've sustained so many blows.

Looking for something to ease the pain
Wanting to feel normal once again
Pick themselves up, drink from the cup
Embracing what others might send.

These people are all around us
We can do so much to brighten their day
Give them a smile, go that extra mile
Show them there's a better way.

Let them know there's someone who cares
There's another path they can take
Get off that trail, it leads nowhere
There's so much more here at stake.

We can lead them all to the light
Take their hand and show them the way
Give them love, talk of God above
Let's start doing that today.

© 2006Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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