Behold The Beauty ................
Behold The Beauty...........
Summer time treats
And everyone greets
Nice to see neighbors
We see all of Springs labors

Flowers and fruits
All have strong roots
Girls dressed in a pinafore
Boys adore forever more

Behold the beauty of a sunrise
And the clear blue skies
Berries and corn picking
Mouth watering and tongue licking

Watering your lawn
Just before dawn
Later you cut the grass
Your flowers are first class

Create a colorful bouquet
Or take to a friend and give it away
Say a prayer for all we love
Ask for God's protection from above

Enjoy a country drive
Take in all the beauty that came alive
Fresh air produced from the rain
Beauty of the horse and mane

Behold the beauty of Summer
Read and enjoy a muse by Homer
Layout at night and enjoy the stars
Sing by a campfire and play guitar

Joyce Ann Geyer 2007

Behold the beauty of Summers days and nights
~Thought by Joyce~

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