I saw a lovely butterfly
As I was walking in the park one day
I watched as her wings sang
And how to each flower she gave
All so different in their own little way.

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Flowers of all kinds, God wanted us to see
All were different, the beauty came to be
A lovely butterfly, softly kissed my cheek,
I picked up a bloom, so very sweet.

If I could be anything I could
A lovely butterfly would make me smile
As I knew she would,
Maybe here I could find a friend
Someone like you,
When you care for me
It is like a butterfly and a flower
Both a gift brand new.

Btflyfly1.gif - 1769 Bytes
A lovely butterfly is beauty to behold
A life of its own and one to be told,
In the flowers of a garden
I can see Jesus,
He is giving me a part of His love to hold,
My Jesus smiles whenever He sees
A flower and a lovely butterfly flying in the trees.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

When you see a flower and a lovely butterfly, remember
it is part of God's love for us and the beauty we see
or feel is all apart of God's art

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